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What is the Bamboo Grove?

We purchased our cozy 1957 house on 1.65 acres in June of 2003. After rebuilding the house and outbuildings, planting began, and today we have approximately 250 types of plants in the ground, over 180 of which are edible. Twenty five varieties of hardy, clumping bamboos have been planted around the perimeter, with another 25 coming in the future. The plants are still young, and for the most part are not yet any great size. Round all of these out with salad herbs, fragrant shrubs, butterfly and hummingbird attractants, hardy palms, large pineapple beds, and throw in a bunch of creative, friendly earth-loving folks, and what do you get .... Bamboo Grove!

Landscaping Goals

The 1.65 acre landscape design consists of a perimeter planting of beautiful tropical bamboos, which have been tested to be the best windbreak for a homestead. Soon we will have over 200 varieties of rare fruit & nut trees as well as many useful & ornamental plants. You will find both straight rows and winding paths/gardens which invite investigation, and delight the senses. In the future, we will have a swimming pond, benches, waterfalls, arbors, treehouse, screenhouse, greenhouse, privacy fencing, and lots more!

Our Guiding Principles

We adhear to strict organic farming principles. Not only do we use no synthetic chemical fertilizers or pesticides like most other organic farms, but we go a step further and use no animal products that call for the killing of animals (such as bone meal, fish emulsion, etc.) We also avoid using chemically-treated and manufactured products (railroad ties, plastic items, pressure-treated wood, etc). Permaculture techniques have been partially incorporated here at the farm, and include heavy mulching & living mulches for deep fertile soil, multiple-layer plantings, multiple-use plants, and a diverse variety of plants to discourage insects and diseases.

Healthy Plants & Seeds

Most of our fruit and nut trees are heirloom varieties, and are not genetically modified with techniques such as mutation radiation, and unnatural hybridization. All of our annual edible crops (vegetables, herbs, fruits, etc.) are from "safe seeds". They come from such sources as Seeds of Change or Ecology Action and are open pollenated, untreated, non-hybrid, and are not genetically-engineered. They are all grown oganically. Since we disagree with the USDA's corrupt 'organic' certification process, we have chosen to support 'Naturally Grown' techniques and certification.

Future Plans

We plan on phasing over to wind, solar & hand-powered sources of power in the near future. The natural swimming pond will be chemical-free and the entire farm is already a smoke-free zone. We should finish planting our goal of 200 different fruit trees by the end of 2006 ... 120 varieties are already in the ground! (see fruits in ground list)

Our Cottage Industry

We support our young farm with profits from our cottage industry. Our wholesale catalog features bamboo products, bonzai, air plants, shells, pods, driftwood, handcrafted items, fossils, etc.

Affiliated Organizations

American Bamboo Society - Caribbean Chapter
Rare Fruit Council International - Miami Chapter
Florida Organic Growers
Florida Native Plant Society
Permaculture Institute of N.America
Sierra Club - Miami Chapter


For more information or questions, please contact Andy Firk at:
863-993-3228 (farm)
M-F 7am-5pm (EST)


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